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Young rider throttle unresponsive.
Testing a 36V motor with a multimeter.
Replacing the inner tube
Finding your Kuberg's serial number
36V/24V throttle and mode select button wiring information
Young rider factory reset
1. Hold the mode select button2. Attach the kill switch3. The lights on the throttle will flash three times, continue tohold the button, there will be no lights for five secondsbefore they flash rapidly4. Twist the throttle to maximum and hold5. Release the mode select button, the lights on the thr...
Headset bearings
Play/movement in the forks between the frame at the headtube, or a creaking when turning or applying pressure to the handlebars is a sign of a loose or degraded headset. The headset should be tightened, if the issue is not resolved, the headset bearings should be replaced. T‍he size is a standard...
Response - Young Rider battery reading
Our Young Rider models, as well as being fun, are typically sturdy and reliable machines, as long as the chain is kept clean and lubricated and the bike/batteries are charged as described in your bike’s manual, you should not experience any performance or runtime issues in the first few years of ow...
Failed suspension seals
When the seals break on a shock absorber/suspension, the shock will lose nearly all pressure and in some cases will leak oil.Most local bike MTB shops will stock seals for suspension used in all Kuberg models.If your bike is under warranty, please register your bike on our website if you have not a...
2021 Young rider not working, no lights on the display
Bike not functioning, no lights on the display. Before troubleshooting the problem you are experiencing, make sure all the fuse, battery and controller connections are secure and free from oxidization, then factory reset the bike. This will solve most problems. If you have a multimeter/voltme...
Sprocket wear
Sprocket wear is normal and can occur over time. The amount of time it takes to wear the teeth of a sprocket, or in the case of a motor sprocket the contact points to the motor axle, vary on riding conditions and style. When replacing a motor sprocket or rear sprocket, it is recommended to chang...
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