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Body Panel: Cross - Right

Body Panel: Cross - Right


Right black plastic body section for CROSS models. Does not include stickers.

Compatible with the following products:
Cross 3kW, 12" Moto tires: ASB-CROSS002Cross Hero 3kW, 12" Moto tires: ASB-CRHERO001X-Force Cross 8kW, 12"/10" Moto rims: ASB-CP50-191X-Force Motard 8kW, 12"/10" Moto rims: ASB-CP50-192X-Force Cross 8kW, 14"/12" Moto rims: ASB-CP50-194Cross Hero 3kW, 12" Moto tires, Li-Ion: ASB-CRHERO003
Price without VAT: $24.31