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Young rider throttle unresponsive.

Encountering issues with throttle response on your Kuberg electric bike can be frustrating, but with systematic troubleshooting, you can identify and address the root cause effectively. This guide is tailored to Kuberg models, including Cross, Trial, Cross Hero, and Trial Hero, and provides step-by-step instructions for diagnosing and resolving throttle-related problems.

Symptoms & Identification:
  • Your Kuberg turns on normally when the magnetic kill switch is attached to its base. if lights are always shown on the throttle see Charge port KNB
  • Lights on the throttle indicate the battery level and remain steady (not flashing). If lights are flashing see KNB Factory reset
  • Despite throttle engagement, the bike does not respond.


1. Accessing the Motor Connection:
  1. Remove the side panel on the right side of your Kuberg, using a Torx (T25) wrench.
  2. Fully remove the top two bolts, which secure both the top plastic (seat) and the side panel.
  3. Remove the remaining two Torx bolts (T25) of the side panel to access the yellow motor connection.
  4. Clean any dirt on the motor and its cable using a dry cloth.
  5. Inspect the motor cable for any damages that may have happened during riding.

2. Testing the Voltage:
  1. Disconnect the yellow, 2-pin motor connection.
  2. Set your multimeter to measure DC voltage.
  3. Insert the multimeter probes into the pins on the controller side of the yellow motor connection. Please be careful and not let the positive and negative touch.
  4. Turn on the bike and observe the voltage readings when the throttle is applied:
  5. Make a note of  any variation based on throttle position, no throttle input VS with full throttle input.
  6. Normal readings range from 38-42V. Lower readings may indicate battery issues. See testing batteries KNB
3. Testing the Resistance:
  1. Turn off the power source and disconnect the motor.
  2. Set the multimeter to measure resistance (ohms).
  3. Place the multimeter leads across the motor terminals of your Kuberg. 
  4. Note the resistance reading, which should be within 1.5-2.5 ohms for a healthy motor.
  5. Slowly rotate the motor, you should feel a distinct notch in the positions the motor poles are naturally attracted to the magnets. Check these positions around the motor for consistent resistance after the sprocket/rotor is turned. If the resistance is consistent in all positions around the motor, this indicates proper winding functionality.
4. Testing Continuity:
  1. With one multimeter probe attached to a pin in the yellow motor connection, check for continuity by touching various metal sections on the motor shell.
  2. Continuity confirms an issue with the winding making contact with the shell.
5. If at any point your motor readings have been significantly outside the expected results explained in the previous steps, this confirms a faulty motor that will need to be replaced.

Tools Needed:
  • T25 Torx wrench
  • Multimeter

Additional Tools and Aids:
  • Safety gloves and goggles for protection.
  • Pen and paper for recording readings.
  • Take note of any unusual sounds or smells during testing, as they may provide additional clues to the problem.
  • Pictures and Videos will help the Kuberg support team understand the issue if you are experiencing unusual results or are unsure of the steps explained here.
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