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Young rider charger does not turn green

This article is for the Kuberg Start, Cross, Cross Hero, Trial & Trial Hero

Bikes with new batteries require a longer initial charging period, this is to properly format the batteries for use.
You can find information on Battery use, care and maintenance on page 36 of your Kuberg Start manual.

However, if the light on the charger is still red after 16 hours, then we can troubleshoot to see if there is an issue with the bike.

Sometimes during the first few uses or shipping, the battery cables can come loose and disconnect. When this happens, the charger will stay red or blue and there will be just one red light on the throttle of the bike. In this situation, please open a side panel on the bike and make sure all of the battery connections are secure.
If these are not the symptoms your bike is displaying, please answer the following questions as best you can so I can determine the issue.

• When the charger is not plugged in and the magnetic kill switch is not engaged, are there any lights showing on the throttle of the bike?
If so, which ones?

• The lights on the throttle should show the current level of charge when the charger is attached to the bike. Which lights are showing on the throttle when the charger is connected?
Does this change at any point during charging?
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