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Testing a 36V & 24V throttle

If the lights on the throttle are flashing when the bike is turned on, this could indicate a controller or throttle issue.
T‍he first step is to try the factory reset procedure.
If the flashing is still present and the controller seems to be working normally (See, testing a 24V & 36V controller) then we should test the throttle to confirm the issue.

Y‍ou will need.
‍• A voltmeter/Multimeter
• A 5 - 12V battery (a single battery from the bike will work)
‍• Some thin cables to apply the power from the battery to the throttle connection

Troubleshooting the throttle can be a bit fiddly, so please check that all of the probes and cables are connected properly before accepting the result of the troubleshooting.

Once the throttle is disconnected from the controller,
1. Connect the negative from your battery to the top centre pin.
2. Connect the positive form your battery to the bottom centre pin.
3. Connect the positive probe of your multimeter to the positive terminal on your battery.
4. connect the negative probe of your multimeter to the bottom left pin.

You will see a voltage that is roughly 2/3rds of the battery's voltage, for example, when using a 12V battery from the bike, we got a reading of 8.34V
When the throttle is engaged the voltage will drop relative to how much the throttle is twisted.

We can conclude that the Hall effect sensor has failed if;
• The voltage stays the same
• Drops to 0
• The Voltage is much lower than 2/3rds of the battery's voltage
• The voltage has the same value as the battery