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Response - Young Rider battery reading

Our Young Rider models, as well as being fun, are typically sturdy and reliable machines, as long as the chain is kept clean and lubricated and the bike/batteries are charged as described in your bike’s manual, you should not experience any performance or runtime issues in the first few years of ownership.
(It is worth noting that even with the most rigorous maintenance, some components will deteriorate with age/use.)

However, if you are experiencing runtime or performance issues with one of our Young Rider models, we recommend starting troubleshooting by testing the batteries.

Getting the voltage readings from each battery individually at different charging periods will give us the best insight into the relative “health” of the batteries in your bike.

Stage one. When the bike has been charged and the charger has turned off.
It is important to do it soon after the charger has finished and not the next day if you leave the bike charging overnight.
If when taking the reading of the batteries, the voltage is decreasing, this is expected, the reading we are looking for in this stage is where the voltage stops decreasing.

Stage two. Once the bike has completed charging, disconnect the charger, then reconnect it, we want to get a reading from each battery when the charger is actively charging.

Stage three. A voltage reading of each battery when they are completely drained will give us an idea of the operational voltage when we compare with the readings from stages one and two.

If the charger or the lights on the throttle are flashing please let me know, this could indicate a different issue. However, these battery readings will still be useful.
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