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Recalibration Hall effect sensor 48V

48V Motor Hall effect sensor issue response

Our controller works with the motor’s Hall effect sensor to see the position of the rotor, so you can have hard acceleration immediately.
If the Hall effect sensor fails, the controller will still be able to find the position of the motor. However, you might experience a jittery start for the first meter until the motor starts spinning.
Fortunately, as well as functioning without a Hall effect sensor, our controller is also capable of recalibrating to detect a change in the Hall effect sensor, here are the instructions.


1. Disconnect the Hall effect sensor and inspect for debris that might inhibit the connection. The white cable attached to your motor is the Hall effect sensor you will not need any tools to disconnect this.
2. Reconnect once you have inspected both sides of the Hall effect sensor connections.
3. Hold the mode select button
4. Twist the throttle to full
5. Attach the magnetic kill switch
6. The bike will turn on as usual and beep three times, continue to hold the mode select button and the throttle in place
7. There will be a pause before another beep. (On the Freerider, Challenger and X-Force models, the L.E.D will flash red)
8. Wait 2 seconds, then release the mode select button
9. Release the throttle

You will be able to tell if the calibration is successful because you will hear a high pitched beeping, the motor will move forward and backwards in small increments, then the motor will spin for a few seconds, the bike will then behave normally.

If you are still experiencing the same issue, please let us know the serial number of your bike so we can start the warranty process or give you the correct item code to purchase a replacement on our store.
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