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Only two lights on throttle after charging

This article is for the Kuberg Trial, Cross, Start, Trial Hero & Cross Hero.

Make sure that you are following the correct charging procedure, you can find a copy of this in the manual that came with your bike, or you can download a digital copy at

  • The light on the charger is showing green, indicating that the charging is complete.
  • There are only two lights showing on the throttle.

If your bike is new, this is likely due to the batteries not being fully formatted, this should happen after the first few charge cycles.

if your bike was working normally but has now started showing these symptoms, it is likely due to battery degradation.
With older batteries, or batteries that haven't been charged or looked after properly, the battery's plates can become coated with lead sulphate, this means the batteries aren’t able to charge to capacity.

When this happens the bike will charge as normal, once the batteries are full (or what they now think is full) the charger will show the green light and will stop charging, either at this point or a few minutes after, the lights on the throttle will drop from three to two.
If a bike is left to charge unattended, upon return it will look as if the bike won't complete the charging cycle.
It is worth noting that the bike will still be operational but the performance will suffer.

Our batteries have a capacity of 14.3V each, although the batteries will still be functional at lower voltages, below 13V is considered sub-optimal.

It may be possible to restore the performance of the bike by using a smart charger when charging. Some smart chargers have a recovery mode, in this mode, electricity pulsates through the plates within the battery to dislodge the sulphates and restore the battery's ability to take a charge.
(it should be noted that this is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time)

The other option is to replace the batteries. Not all batteries are created equal, and we have not tested every battery on the market, for this reason, we recommend using the same brand as the ones supplied with your bike.‍
Please contact, or your local dealer who will be able to give you the latest options and prices for new and upgraded batteries.‍
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