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Manitou Dorado - change of oil seal

Changing the oil seal is very easy on the dorado:

Required tools:
  • Tire lever ( big one ) steel ( not plastic )
  • Dorado seal press 36mm socket or open end wrench
  • 12mm open end wrench
  • 13mm open end wrench
  • 5mm allen key
  • 6mm allen key
  • 4mm allen key
  • Screwdriver flat ( small )
  • Take the hex axle 20mm out
  • Open the screws on the upper and lower crown ( 5mm allen key )
  • Pull out the legs
  • Open the top cap ( 36mm socket or open end wrench )
  • Fix the tool assemble underneath the top cap wit 12/13mm open end wrench
  • Take the top cap appart by turning it counter clockwise with the 36mm tool while fixing the rod with the 12/13mm wrench ( 12mm damping side , 13mm air side )
  • Pull the inner stanchions out from the ( black ) outer leg
  • Now you can pull out the dust seal
  • Take the c clip out by using a screwdriver
  • Take the oil seal ou by using the tire lever
  • Use the dorado seal press to install the new oil seal Install the c clip Install the dust seal
  • Then put the inner leg into the outer leg and fill in 10cc of semi bath oil into the leg ( 15WT-30WT )
  • Assembly the top cap ( 36mm and 12/13mm wrenches )
  • Close the top cap on the outer leg by using the 36mm tool by full extended leg
  • Same procedure on the other leg

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