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Magnetic kill switch - bike never turns off

This article is for the Kuberg Cross, Cross Hero, Trial, Trial Hero & Start


• The bike is always on and fully functional, regardless of if the kill switch is on its base or not.

When the mag switch is engaged, the circuit is broken and the bike can turn on, this is why when the magnetic kill switch's cable is disconnected or if there is a faulty magnetic kill switch, the bike will turn on.

If water gets into the magnet's housing or if the connection becomes corroded, it could create a false connection and show the same symptoms, although this is unlikely as we take several steps to achieve a high IP rating on all Kuberg motorcycles.

The same symptoms could appear after damage to the magnet housing or the cable.

If your bike is under warranty, please register your bike on our website if you have not already done so, then, contact us at to start the warranty process.
If your bike is not under warranty, please contact or your local dealer who will be able to give you the latest options and prices for replacement parts.

If you have ordered a replacement but would like a temporary solution.

WARNING The following instructions will damage your magnetic kill switch and will make it void of any entitlement to warranty.

The cable of the magnetic kill switch is connected to the controller via a cable that protrudes from the controller.
1. This two-pin connection is covered by heat shrink tubing, this will need to be carefully cut away to access the connection.
It is worth noting that without this heat shrink tubing, this connection will not be as protected from water and dirt ingress.

2. Cut the cable of the magnetic kill switch near the two-pin connection.

3. Strip the ends of the two cables and twist the wires together, then completely conseal with electrical tape.

When this is connected to the controller via the two-pin connection, the bike will turn off.

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