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How to tighten the chain

10mm 19mm 22mm
Stool or Degreaser Chain Old cloth work stand lubrication or rag

1 First, make sure that the power is turned off.
2 Secure your bike on a stool or stand, loosen the bolts on the rear wheel (it is not necessary to remove them), the drive side bolt is 22mm and the non- drive side is 19mm.
3 With a 10mm spanner, adjust the bolts shown in the picture below to move the wheel backwards to tighten the chain, it is important to remember to do this equally for both sides, otherwise you may misalign the wheel.
Small changes can have a large effect, so do this in small increments.
The chain should be taut, not tight, overly tight is just as bad as loose.
When a little pressure is applied the chain shouldn’t touch the frame
4 This is a good time to clean your chain, apply the degreaser and work into the chain with your cloth, gently wash off with water, DO NOT use a pressure washer, this will force water into bearings and hard to reach places and may damage your chain.
Once you have applied lubrication to your chain, wipe off the excess.
Before you finish, please make sure your wheel and chain are straight before tightening the bolts.
Failure to maintain and adjust the chain and align the wheel correctly could result in the chain jumping off the sprockets, causing a potentially dangerous and damaging situation.
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