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Hero forks repair/ troubleshoot.

Hero Forks

For the locked fork, take a look at the other side that the air is on, (the air shouldn’t be pumped more than 100PSI as this can damage the forks)
The blue screw lock should be seated tightly onto the forks with no movement, it should not be able to do a full rotation, if it is rotating more than normal it will unscrew the housing of the rebound inside the fork, if this gets stuck, the rebound will lock as mentioned even if you can move the blue cap freely.

To fix this, take the sticker off the top of the blue cap, using an Alan key remove the cap.
You will find a separate piece with a mechanism that twists a component inside the rebound, (there is a rubber gasket on this, be careful not to lose this)
Make sure that the rebound housing is securely attached to the fork leg, if this is loose it can cause issues with the rebound.
You should be able to twist the mechanism and decrease and increase the pressure inside the rebound.
When putting everything back together, make sure everything is secure but not over tightened.
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