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Hero battery connection order

All of the batteries are installed in the bike with the connection tabs towards the front of the bike.
Two on the top, one in the bottom space.
1. From the controller you’ll see a red cable connect to a fuse, from the fuse you’ll see a red cable that connects to the positive of the top rear battery, It will have a red tab and a + symbol.
2. Take one of your cables and connect to the negative (- symbol, black tab) of the top rear battery, the other end of this cable should connect to the positive of the bottom battery.
3. The negative of the bottom battery connects via a cable to the positive connection on the top front battery.
4. The negative of this top front battery connects to the black cable that goes back into the controller.

When you make the final connection there might be a little spark, this is normal and will not cause any damage to the bike.
Please make sure the magnetic kill switch is not connected to the bike when you install the batteries.
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