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Finding your Kuberg's serial number

The serial number of your Kuberg can be found in one of four places:

1. You can find the serial number on the side of the box in which your Kuberg was delivered. While it's worth checking this external packaging, if you've disposed of it since the delivery, there are some other options.
2. Your Kuberg was delivered with a quick start guide, the serial number is recorded within it along with other useful information to get you riding as soon as possible.
3. On the side of the head tube. Because of the protective paint layers, this can be a little harder to see in natural light, you might need a flash light to assist you.
4. If you purchased your Kuberg directly from our website, your final invoice, containing the serial number and other essential details, can be accessed by logging into your account on the (HYPERLINK??Kuberg store)(

Ensuring you have the correct serial number is crucial for any service or support needs. Once you've identified your serial number, we encourage you to register your Kuberg for warranty purposes. Please visit our (HYPERLINK??Bike Registration Page)( to complete the warranty registration process. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, our customer service team is here to assist you.
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