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Battery connection order

Because we ship our bikes worldwide, we have taken measures to ensure safe transportation.
One of these measures is to disconnect the battery from the bike, (only in Kuberg bikes with Li-ion batteries)
This means that when you receive your bike, it will not run automatically unless your dealer has completed the following steps for you.

When connecting the battery to the bike you must first connect the positive and negative (red and black) cables, before you connect the heat sensor (the thinner black cable)

If you connect the heat sensor first, the bike may not start, you might also get unreliable readings from a multimeter.

Disconnect all three cables, then attach the charger to the battery, this will reset any symptoms the incorrect installation has caused.
Then connect the battery to the bike in the sequence explained above.

If you are still having problems, please register your bike on our website if you have not already done so,
then, contact us at to troubleshoot the problem further. 
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