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48V controller failure (Pre-2019 models)

This article is for the Kuberg Freerider, Freerider street, X-force & Challenger.


• There is no movement from the bike
• There is not the regular sound "ping" from the motor
• There is no light on the L.E.D

In some cases, the rear wheel will lock and will not move without great effort.

First, test the mag switch to see if the primary input for the controller is functioning, see "testing magnetic kill switch" for instructions.
Second, test the BMS on the battery See "BMS issue" for instructions.
Third, (if you have a 14kW bike) disconnect the Hall effect sensor from the controller, if the bike still does not turn on, see below.

If all the results from these tests suggest that the respective components are functioning, we can confirm that the controller is not functioning and will need to be replaced.

If your bike is under warranty, please register your bike on our website if you have not already done so, then, contact us at to start the warranty process.
If your bike is not under warranty, please contact or your local dealer who will be able to give you the latest options and prices for replacement parts

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