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48V charger not functioning - 1 L.E.D

This Article is for the Kuberg Freerider, Freerider street, Challenger and X-Force.

Make sure that you are following the correct charging procedure, you can find a copy of this in the manual that came with your bike, or you can download a digital copy at


•The charger will turn on but only the first L.E.D will light up. (If both L.E.Ds do not respond please see "Broken Charger - no L.E.Ds")
•The fan does not work
•The usual "Click" is not there

To protect against overcurrent, undercurrent, overloads and reverse currents, we use an electromechanical relay in our chargers, known for their greater reliability, however sometimes, especially if the charging procedure is not followed correctly, this part can fail.

Our chargers have been built to ensure the best heat transfer, because of this and of the relay's position inside the charger, it means that the relay is very difficult to replace, so we do not recommend doing this your self.

The charger should be replaced, do not attempt to use the charger with a Kuberg bike at the risk of damaging the battery.

‍Replacing your charger
•If your bike is covered under warranty, please register your bike on our website if you have not already done so,
Then, contact us at to start the warranty process.
•If your bike is not under warranty, please contact or your local dealer who will be able to give you the latest options and prices for a new charger.
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