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36V/24V throttle and mode select button wiring information

Throttle and mode select button cable, wiring and connection.
Kuberg Cross, Trial, Cross Hero, Trial Hero and Start models use the same connection and wiring, the only difference being that the Kuberg Start uses a throttle rated for 24V instead of 36V

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of checking the wiring for the throttle and mode select button on your Kuberg Young Rider.

This might be necessary if you've recently experienced a fall or other incident while riding, although it might not be immediately apparent, the throttle wiring may be subject to stress or strain, potentially leading to damage.

We take steps to ensure that your Kuberg arrives in the best condition, however, during shipping, the bike may undergo various movements and vibrations, which could result in unintended stress on the throttle wiring.

Tools Needed:
5mm Torx tool
6mm hex key
Need nose pliers


1. Make sure that the magnet is not connected to its base and your Kuberg is not on.
2. Use the 5mm Torx tool to remove the side and seat panels to reveal the inner electronics. The seat panel has an additional 6mm hex bolt accessible from underneath near the rear shock.
3. Remove the battery and fuse connection from the controller. This is the large red connection on the rear side of the controller.
4. Identify the throttle wiring, running from the handlebar to the controller unit. Check for any visible damage, cuts, or loose connections.
5. Use your needle nose pliers to gently compress the spring tab on top of the plastic connector, and gently pry the connection from the controller.
6. Carefully cut away the heat shrink protective layer using a knife. Take extra care to avoid damaging the two sets of wires underneath.
7. Inspect the connectors for the throttle-controller connection. Ensure they are securely plugged in, and look for any bent or damaged pins.
8. If any of the throttle or mode select button cables have disconnected, this is how they should be re-connected.
Looking from the back with the spring tab at the top, arrange the exposed coloured sections of the five throttle cables as follows:

Yellow: Top left 

Green: Bottom left

Red: Bottom middle

White: Bottom right

Black: Top middle

The two black cables from the mode select button fit in the top right and top middle. Orientation is not important.
9. Cut the shrink wrap to the appropriate size, ensuring it adequately covers the back side of the black 6-pin connector and 1-2cm of the cable. Do not cover more than 1/3 of the connector as you will have trouble when connecting securely to the controller.
Hold a hair dryer around 15cm from the shrink wrap. Move the hair dryer evenly across the surface of the shrink wrap until it is securely fastened to both the black plastic connector and the throttle and mode select button cable.
10. Make sure the the handle bars can move freely to either side without any strain on the cables.
11. If everything checks out, carefully reassemble the throttle assembly, ensuring all connections are snug and secure.

If the lights on the throttle are flashing after following these steps, please see the Kuberg Young rider factory reset instructions. 

Zdenek, these parts should be accessible worldwide, we can link them on the website, but I think we should also provide the name or part number of the pins and connector as well as the type of heat shrink so customers can find it locally.

Links to the,
cable pins
6-pin black plastic connector
Heat shrink
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