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36V motor stiff or jammed

The brushes inside these motors are a consumable part and can wear after time.
the brushes can also slip out of place, when this happens the motor can be completely stuck in one position, or very stiff and hard to turn.
This can also happen when the motor has been left wet and rusts.

To test if the motor has a good connection, we can measure the voltage generated when we turn the motor by hand.
* First, disconnect the motor from the controller, you should be able to access this by removing the right-side panel.
* Secondly, with a voltage meter, take a reading of the cable coming from the motor to the controller.
* Thirdly, turn the wheel, try a range of different speeds, you should see an increase in voltage as you turn the wheel faster.
If you saw a voltage increase with wheel speed, then the motor most likely has a good connection with the brushes that supply the power.
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