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2021 Young rider not working, no lights on the display

Bike not functioning, no lights on the display.

Before troubleshooting the problem you are experiencing, make sure all the fuse, battery and controller connections are secure and free from oxidization, then factory reset the bike. This will solve most problems.

If you have a multimeter/voltmeter, take a reading of each battery, individually.
Our batteries have a capacity of 14.3V each, although the batteries will still be functional at lower voltages, below 13V is considered sub-optimal.
To restore the performance of the bike, please replace the batteries, or use a smart charger when charging the batteries.

Separate the charger into two pieces and reassemble, plug it back into the wall socket and then your bike, what colour is the L.E.D on the charger?

BLUE - without lights or just the bottom red light on the throttle
1. Check all battery connections
2. Check the fuse

FLASHING RED - without lights or just the bottom red light on the throttle
1. Remove the charger & check for debris
2. factory reset bike,
if still the same with no lights on the throttle, a new charger is needed

If the bottom two lights are lit on the throttle, the charge port will need to be replaced, and possibly also the charger.

1. Remove the magnetic kill switch cable from the controller, if the bike turns on replace the kill switch
2. If the bike doesn't turn on then check on our Wifi dongle if the bike is visible on the app, then the controller is fine and the throttle needs to be replaced, if it is not visible on the app, the controller needs to be replaced.
2A. If you don't have a wifi dongle, uncouple the motor connection and test the voltage coming from the controller, if there is just over 2V then the controller is fine, if not, the controller will need to be replaced.
2B. If there is a reading of just over 2V, twist the throttle, the reading should jump up to around 36V, if the reading does not change, then the throttle should be replaced.

If your bike is under warranty, please register your bike on our website if you have not already done so,
Then, contact us at to start the warranty process.
If your bike is not under warranty, please contact or your local dealer who will be able to give you the latest options and prices for replacement parts
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